12 de outubro de 2015

That kinda girl ..

Little wild girl with wild hair,
I see what you are doing.
I see what you are looking for,
what you want.

I see you smiling with friends, 
smiling with strangers, but no one 
really notices you, 
and that is the real problem here.

I see you, while no one else does.

You are more. You are marvelous.
You have the sun inside of you
laughing at the sky.

I can feel it.

You are some kind of wild dream,
trapped in some kind of wild girl.
And tonight is one of those nights.
Maybe we are supposed to meet.
Maybe that will give me peace of mind.

I just cannot take my fucking eyes off you. 

( r.m. drake.)

26 de setembro de 2015

Photography // Joel Bear

Algumas das fotografias do fotógrafo Joel Bear de que mais gostei. 

Agora vou só ficar aqui a sonhar acordada com estes sítios maravilhosos, ok ? Ok.

12 de novembro de 2014